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House Hunting Check-list

If you are thinking of moving home, here are a few simple checks that may help you to narrow down your search.

The first three most important things are of course, Location, Location, Location. There isn’t very much that you can’t change about a house, except, where it is situated. Consider the proximity to work, schools, public transport, leisure facilities, noise levels, shops. The size of the plot, access to parking, is it on a hill, are you overlooked, is a main road situation suitable for pets, children etc., And of course the pros and cons of all the above.

Consider other people’s homes, drive around the area at different times of the day. A local shop for instance may be quiet from nine till four, however, when school is out it may be a different story, with gangs of noisy teenagers hanging out after school, possibly on into the evenings…Are you near a pub, or a fast food shop? Check out that you are not under a flight path. Is the area tidy, free from litter, old abandoned cars, do the neighbours look after their gardens? Property prices can be driven down dramatically in some instances if the area has a level of anti-social behaviour, check this out by following the above link, Search Crime Statistics by Postcode

Is your house structurally sound? Look for damp, watermarked walls, ceilings. Look for rising damp and any signs of recent repair. Big cracks need to be checked out, if in doubt have a structural survey carried out.

Looking at the window frames on an older house is a great indication of how well maintained a house is. Check the windows for cracked paint and failed double glazing., (usually condensation between the glass panes), means they are faulty.

Is this house practical? For example, new houses lack storage space. It is one of the most overlooked asset. Your house may be of show home standard but when you move in, where do you put the hoover, ironing board, spare linen and if you are sports enthusiasts forget it. There is always the option of building storage in, but consider how much space this would take away from the floor space? Attic space is an important part of your house. It can be used for storage and/or it could be turned into an office. With the correct permissions and building regulations in place, an extra bedroom is also a possibility.

Check out the roof, this is a major expense, new roofs are extremely expensive. New roofs have a life expectancy of approximately fifteen to twenty years, buyer beware.

Bear in mind the recent spates of flooding, (mortgage companies are extremely keen re this question), this can be picked up on your searches/survey.

Finally does this house reflect your lifestyle? Older houses require maintenance, time and effort. New houses come with builders guarantees. Does your potential house feel like a home that you could live in, and at the end of the day come home to?

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