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Here at The Property Sale Company, we are dedicated to helping you sell your home in Wakefield for the best price either to us or a buyer we find. We are also in touch with all the innovations in the housing market and hope you enjoy this article on sustainable housing.

How far do we go when it comes to building sustainable housing in Wakefield? The University of Brighton’s Grand Parade Campus has built the first permanent building almost solely from waste and recycled products. The Waste House is an experiment, with the intention to prove, according to the organiser, that, “there is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place”. The building is Europe’s first permanent public building made almost entirely from material thrown away, it is EPC “A” rated low energy, (Source, The Brighton Waste House).

It took a team of 253 students and apprentices led by BBM Architects Director and senior lecturer Duncan Baker-Brown approximately three months designing the project and twelve months building the house. Ninety percent of the materials are waste products taken from various households and construction sites, according to the same author. The waste products included 20,000 toothbrushes (used only once by business and first class aircraft passengers). Two tons of denim jeans, four thousand DVD cases, two thousand floppy discs, and two thousand used carpet tiles. The tiles were used to clad the house.

Frames and floors were made from recycled wood. One wall was built from compacted chalk, waste and clay. This adds to the structure’s energy-efficiency because of the thickness, 13.7 inches and natural thermal properties.

Four thousand VHS video cassettes were used as wall insulation, one hundred sheets of damaged plywood for flooring joists, and other structural purposes. Five hundred bike inner tubes were used as window seals and soundproofing, pictures of the above can be seen on the website video.

New products include high-performance triple-glazed windows and skylights, and electric, plumbing to adhere to building regs and health and safety mandates. The house will be monitored at key points to measure its efficiency and how the materials perform. It is a “living laboratory” for ecological architectural design. (Source, The Brighton Waste House). Sustainable housing brings many benefits, including environmental benefits, economic benefits and social benefits.

Housing accounts for twenty-five percent of UK carbon emissions, reducing emissions from new and existing homes, is a challenge for the government who have a target of thirty-four percent to be met by 2020. Building sustainable housing increases the efficiency with which buildings use energy, water and materials, The Waste House is a great example of the principle re sustainable housing.

Disused plastic is threatening the environment, polluting waterways and endangering many animals. Plastic does not biodegrade. An innovative Mexican based start-up Eco Domum, (eco house), is using waste plastic and recycling it into building materials, to create affordable housing for some of the country’s low income families. The waste is made up of everything from pop bottles to plastic toys, it is transformed into wall and roof panels. The company has already constructed over five hundred recycled homes throughout Mexico. Sustainable housing in this situation has addressed two of the country’s challenging problems, plastic and land fill, and a solution to their housing crises.