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What are the Average Costs of Moving House in Wakefield?

Moving house is simultaneously both one of the most exciting things you can do and one of the most stressful. There’s just so much to think about! Packing up your things, cleaning the house, cancelling your energy providers and making sure that every T is crossed and I dotted. Amongst all of that noise, it can be difficult to keep your finances straight. Big amounts of money are about to leave your bank account, but that doesn’t mean you can loosen the purse strings on everything. That’s why it’s so important to know the average costs of moving house. In this guide, we’ll be looking at Wakefield, and the typical cost of moving there.

The first thing you should have in mind are the legal costs of moving home. The average house price in the UK is currently £204,368 (as of the time of writing). With the changes to stamp duty that means on the average home you’ll be paying £1,587 in tax. That’s no small change, but it doesn’t end there either. In addition, you can expect legal fees to amount to around £1,022 on the average home too. That’s a total of £2,609 for the privilege of moving home.

Indeed, that’s just the start. Along with those legal and tax costs, you’ll need to factor in costs for miscellaneous house moving costs like furniture removals, domestic connections and disconnections, changing locks, service fees, gas safety checks and service charges. If you’ve been living in a rented property, you could also be liable for any repairs that need to be made to your rental home before you move, which could end up being costly. At the very least, it’d be fair to put aside £1,000 for these costs, though that could rise depending on what you need to get done.

In Wakefield, the average cost of a home listed for sale is actually slightly higher than the national average at £209,855, having grown sharply last year as the housing market expanded once more. This means that your overall fee spend could be higher than what’s quoted above.

As such, it’s worth sitting down and really working out the cost of moving house. Many costs are unavoidable, like stamp duty and legal fees, but the small, miscellaneous costs can certainly be brought down. Here are our top tips for lowing your moving costs:

  • Call in some friends to help you move. With a little help from your friends, you can cut out the cost of hiring a moving company. You might have to factor in the cost of a couple of pints each down the pub, however.
  • Do the DIY yourself. If your locks need changing or you’ve got some interior damage that needs to be fixed before you move, you can do that yourself – no need to call in a costly specialist.
  • Shop around and save! There are plenty of companies which can help with the specialist jobs of moving house, like gas disconnections. Play them off against each other and save a few quid whilst you’re at it.